change windows 10 pin

When you have to change windows 10 pin or dealing with other issues approach towards our support agency.

Change windows 10 pin

Windows 10 operating system is now being used by almost computer professionals who are intended to work in user friendly environment. Windows 10 is also having best security features now and it is more user friendly than previous versions. Windows 10 users face a situation when technical hurdles come with PIN during entering into PC. When you have to change windows 10 pin or dealing with other issues approach towards our support agency.

Follow the steps to reset PIN for Microsoft Account at the lock screen

Now uses are getting new option in Windows 10 which enables them to reset pin at lock screen easier than before. Here are the steps which you have to go through for completing this task.

1. First of all look at the Lock screen and here you have to click on the link option “I forgot my PIN”.

2. Now in next step just provide your password associated with Microsoft account and then choose “Next”.

3. In third step, you have to verify your account, so if you have turned on two-step verification method then you need to provide exact recovery email address or may be phone number also for ownership verification.

4. Now in next step you have to just enter correct security code which you have received on your provided option either recovery email id or phone number. After entering code just click on “Next”.

5. Now you have to choose “Continue” option for confirmation. After choosing this option you will get a popup message which will be asking for setup a PIN. So now just enter at a new pin which should be of minimum 4 digit and you want to set for your account.

Now when you have reset your PIN successfully then you are allowed to sign in to Windows 10 with your new PIN. If still have some issues then just choose I forgot windows 10 pin option, this option is only available at the sign-in screen.

Follow the steps to reset PIN in Settings app

Being a local account user when you are facing issue like “windows 10 pin forgot”, then just go through following steps to reset your pin.

1. Look at your lock screen> click Sign-in options under the PIN box> use your password to sign in.

2. Move to option Settings > choose Accounts > now choose Sign-in options> click on “I forgot my windows 10 pin”.

3. Enter correct account password and then choose option “OK”.

4. In this step you have to just provide your new desired PIN. After that click OK and now your new PIN is created.

Above mentioned steps are useful and easy to follow by every user of Windows 10 through which you can resolve PIN related issues. When you are unable to follow these steps or having some other technical issues then you must get assistance online. We are renowned online assistance providers for various top products and brands. For all technical hurdles coming with either hardware or software any one can get instant support from our executives. To reach out our certified professional call Windows 10 pin recovery number. You can go for chat support also.

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Published Date: May 16, 2019


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