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Windows is the most preferred and commonly used operating system from computer to smart phones. But due to some phishing activities or Trojans attack computer professionals may encounter unwanted technical hiccups. Fake notifications about windows not genuine or activation related errors can hamper crucial sessions badly. To overcome such hurdles in correct ways and for better security of resources user can change windows password or can contact windows password recovery support services only.

How to reset your password for Windows 10 local account

In case when you have lost your password and want to login then you must reset windows password. Just follow these steps-

How to reset your password for Windows 7

When your computer system is on domain then go through following steps-

  1. Choose Start button>select Control Panel>select User Accounts>then select Manage User Accounts.
    Keep in mind then you are being asked for administrator password or may be for confirmation then just enter accurate password.
  2. Look of Users tab under Users for this computer option>select the user account name>then select Reset Password.
  3. Now just type new desired password>confirm the new password>and then select OK.

When your computer system is in workgroup then go through following steps-

When a user enters incorrect password he/she gets a display message for incorrect password. So just select Reset password and then after insert disk for password reset. Now user has to follow all the instructions and steps in the password reset wizard. By doing so, you can create a new password.

Above mentioned steps can help you to change windows password easily but still having some issues then contact our support teams. Here certified and highly qualified technical staff will assist you in resolving al issues effectively. For our support services you can have chat and toll free phone lines.

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Published Date: May 16, 2019


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