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Emails are probably best way to get connect with remote people for electronic communication. Microsoft account also enables us to use various services like Skype, OneDrive and others but online threats have been serious concern in recent days. Being an account holder a user has to deal with several issues like unauthorized accessing of account and many others. For better security Microsoft password reset frequently a perfect decision and online experts can also suggest best steps.

Steps to reset Microsoft account password-

In case when you forgot Microsoft password and unable to login into various services like, Skype, OneDrive, and Xbox Live then best way is to reset your password for smooth login and for security reasons as well. Just go through following steps-

1. Very first, in order to recover your account, please type accurate email address. Also provide phone number, or Skype name which you are looking for password reset. Now choose “Next”.

2. After completion of first step user will be asked to enter either contact email address or phone number for receiving security code. Now choose option “Next”.

3. In this step user has to provide information which is missing. It will help you to verify that it is real email address or phone number of authorized user. Now select option “Send code”.

4. Now user will receive the security code to the alternate contact which was chosen. It might be present in junk folder, so check it also. If it is not received then you should select “Use a different verification option”.

5. Please provide received security code into Verify your identity option, now select option “Next”.

6. Now reset Microsoft password for your account by entering new password, also type it again to confirm.

• If you are user of Windows 10 then you can reset the password which is being used by you to sign in to your computer system. Look at the sign-in screen. Here just type your accurate Microsoft account name. When you are having multiple accounts on your computer system then just choose desired one which you need to reset. Now here you have to select forgot Microsoft password and carefully follow the steps of resetting password.

In case of being unable to change Microsoft password with above steps you can take online assistance. We are having certified experts in supporting teams who offer instant support. Our services are available 24x7 for Microsoft password recovery and to resolve other technical issues associated with account. Dial toll free support phone numbers or also get connected with chat support for excellent services.

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Published Date: May 16, 2019


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