Give Travelodge a chance to plan your vacation!

Everyone wishes to go somewhere far from their work on vacation to have some fun after a busy and exhausting work. I was really tired from my work.  I wanted a vacation from a long time but every time it used to get postponed because of work in office. But when I got vacation so it was the best vacation as I enjoyed my vacations with my family in low budget just because of Travelodge, They also give discount through Travelodge Coupon Code & Travelodge Discount Code £15 Off 2020.

Today I am going to share my own experience. I am 45 years old. I haven’t got any vacation from last 3 years I guess and I really needed one. I was looking forward to it and also applied for leave in office but they were continuously delaying my request and used to say that once I complete my work so they’ll get it done. But even when I completed the tasks assigned to me they gave me more work and it was getting really frustrating as I my boss was now being unfair.  So, one day I thought to myself that this is it and decided to have a conversation with my office heads.  I put forward my request one more time and explained the whole situation to them.

By the grace of God they listened and understood my situation and granted me a 14 day leave. I am very happy and super grateful as this was going to be my first vacation after almost 3 years. I immediately informed my family and asked them to start packing without any further ado. This was a very well deserved vacation and I wanted it to enjoy it to my fullest and did not want to take any risks. I heard a lot of good reviews about Travelodge from my very good colleague at work and I completely trusted him as he travels a lot and he always have had an amazing and very memorable experience with Travelodge. So I decided to contact Travelodge, I opened their page and was completely stunned to see such a well- organized and eye catching webpage. It honestly tempted me to immediately book mine and my family’s tour of the Dearne Valley as they have never visited that area of the Sheffield and had no idea about its importance and history. My friend also informed me that they have a discount code running which was just like a cherry on top.

I started looking and browsing for suitable and pocket friendly options where we could enjoy to the fullest while keeping our budget in check.  After looking at a few options we discovered a 12-day fun-filled package. This package provided top notch services such as beautiful hotel rooms with mesmerizing views, transportation facilities along with extra facilities as well. After taking my family’s opinion I did not want to let go of this wonderful opportunity of discovering the Dearne Valley at such reasonable and discounted rates.

We finally were off to the trip and this trip turned out even more amazing than I had imagined. My family enjoyed to the fullest and seeing them happy made my trip even better. But I would like to give most of the credit to Travelodge for providing me and my family once in a lifetime experience. And I can now say very confidently that this trip accommodated for the previous three years when I did not get to travel.