, The Perfect Clothing Option

Women’s Sweaters

With winters just around the corner, I was looking for classy, trendy and affordable winter clothing. My friend is a very loyal customer of Zappos as she has been shopping from there since a very long time. She suggested that I go for Zappos as you can find every brand and every style. Zappos provides a one stop shopping experience. Other than this, Zappos $30 off coupon code immediately caught my eye. Because who does not love a good discount. It was time to stock up wardrobe with comfy sweaters, cardigans etc.


A small insight into my life before ZAPPOS

Before getting familiar with Zappos I used to thrift shop a lot because thrifting is pocket friendly and you get good stuff with discounted prices. But my thrifting experience was never good because they use to sell fake items or first copies of a branded product and call it branded. When I discussed this situation with my friend she told me about Zappos, its history, legal actions and assured me that it is a very reliable online website to shop from and get your hands on the best pieces.

When I was completely satisfied with what she told me I decided to do my own research just to be more satisfied and to make sure that it not an another scam website. Due to my past experiences I am not a big fan of buying things from an online store as it is not possible to check the quality and we can never be sure that the online website is not a scam. I was being more skeptical than usual because my experience with online shopping has not been the best as I have been scammed a multiple times.

How user friendly is the website?

I asked my friend to send me the link of the ZAPPOS website and when I clicked on the link I was happily shocked to see how well the homepage organized was as everything available on the ZAPPOS website was divided into categories and further divided into sub categories which made it very user friendly and attractive to use. I immediately clicked on the women section, went to clothing and there it was! The sweater section was just on top so without wasting any more time I clicked it and wow I was startled to see so much variety. I started adding stuff to my cart one after the other. After spending hours on the website I was ready to checkout.  The best thing about this website was that it had sizes from XXS to 4XL available which meant that it catered to a vast audience. Other than this, every article was available in different colors adding more to the variety

Due the ongoing pandemic the website said that it may take longer than normal for me to receive the parcel but to my surprise I received my parcel within the next 10 days. I was very satisfied with the quality and the packaging of my parcel. I would recommend this website to everyone as it is one of the best and provides amazing customer service which is always a key factor in deciding a store to shop.